Himalayan fundraising treks

Join us for the trip of a lifetime during Easter 2018!


Internships & Vacancies

Now accepting applications for 2017



Spring Swell / Summer Swell / Autumn Swell


Custom-made events

Creative and fun events customised to suit your group


ISA Approved & accredited

We operate to the highest safety standards with fully qualified instructors


Discover and experience what it really means to live life to the full!

Driven by a living Christian faith and a passion for surfing, we seek to encourage, challenge, nurture and inspire people across Ireland and abroad, through innovative events, workshops, camps and cultural exchanges.

What do we do?

We initiate, prepare, organise and lead different projects including:

We offer fun and exciting custom-made events to youth groups, clubs, schools, associations and churches of all denominations.


Our residential camps at different locations across Ireland, are a fantastic opportunity to surf, make new friends and strengthen faith.


We partner with international organisations to offer young people the chance to experience new cultures in a safe & fun environment.


“Waves” small groups are designed to equip and empower young people to take ownership and responsibility for their faith.