“I have come that they may have life & have it to the full”

Jesus (in John 10:10, the Bible)

In a nutshell

The Surf Project helps people to discover and experience what it really means to live life to the full.

Custom-made events

We offer specially designed events that include activities, workshops and surf sessions, tailored to your groups’ requirements.

Surf Camps

Our residential camps at different locations across Ireland, are a fantastic opportunity to surf, make new friends and strengthen faith.


“Waves” small groups are designed to equip and empower young people to take ownership and responsibility for their faith.

ISA accredited

The Surf Project is accredited by the ISA (Irish Surfing Association) and operates to the highest safety standards with fully qualified instructors.

International exchanges

We work in partnership with Cross Culture Surf to offer young people the chance to experience new cultures in a safe & fun environment.

How we work

The Surf Project helps people to learn more about God in a relaxed, fun and creative environment. We aim to break down barriers and pre-conceptions that people may have towards God and the Church.
We run different events throughout Ireland and abroad, catering for all types of groups regardless of their background or ethnic diversity. The Surf Project is supported by the Methodist Church in Ireland and works in partnership with various organizations and denominations.

More than a “Surf School”

Whilst The Surf Project is fully accredited and approved by the ISA (Irish Surfing Association), we don’t offer exclusive lessons to the public. Surfing is central to our activities but is always part of a wider programme. Whenever we are asked about lessons or board rental, we always direct people to local surf schools.
Across Ireland and abroad, we work with local businesses. To find out how, please contact us. We’d love to work with you!

Our mission

We are inspired by Jesus’ challenge to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28: 16-20), travelling throughout Ireland and abroad, creating places and spaces for people to hear, sample and know what it really means to live life to the full.
Through creative and interactive workshops, we explore relevant issues such as identity, trust, fear and self-esteem, looking specifically to the Bible and how Jesus can help us in our daily lives.

Our logo

Our logo purposefully illustrates two of our biggest passions: God and Surfing. It is based on the triquetra, an ancient Irish symbol depicting the Holy Trinity as a unified and infinite bond. The logo also features three inter-connecting surfboards, with a perfect wave at the centre.
It was designed by Joseba Attard, a friend and surfer from the Basque Country.
These are some of the organisations we have worked with: