Senegal Surf Camp

Secret Bay Somone

Following a successful trip in 2018, we’re looking to return to Senegal next Christmas & New Year, to serve the local community and surf the warm waves of West Africa!

Christmas / New Year 2019/20

In 2018 we ran a 5 day residential surf camp for 18 young people from all walks of life, representing 8 different nations, that spent a week enjoying professional surf instruction and having a blast. We took 11 surfboards and 4 inflatable SUPs with us and left all the surfboards there with the families.

We are currently planning a return trip for next Christmas and New Year.

Full details coming in February 2019. Watch this space!

In West Africa we are used to things being done half well; nothing is done properly. But this camp was a REAL camp; it was run properly and it was so much better than anything any of us expected.


I cannot describe what this camp meant to the kids. It was the first time most of them had attended such an event. There are nothing for them here and yet so we are very grateful that The Surf Project came to Senegal.