University of Ulster Surf Club

Wednesdays at 1:30pm

We are happy to host the Ulster University Surf Club each week in Portrush. We offer students a surf lesson and equipment followed by a hot meal and use of our surf lounge, where they can chill out in a relaxed environment. The package is £15 and students can sign up below to be a part of it. No previous surf experience is necessary - the surf club is united by a love of the waves, pure and simple.


Surf Lesson/Equipment/Hot Meal £15


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I will inform the Surf Project Organisers of any important changes to my health, medication or needs prior to this event.
At all Surf Project Events, Photos and Videos are taken of participants and Groups enjoying Surf Project Activities. I give permission for Photographs and videos to be taken, these photographs and videos to be used for promotional purposes.

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