Surf & SUP equipment hire

We offer quality surf board & wetsuit hire from Portrush Townhouse, situated conveniently between East & West Strand surf beaches, giving you all the options on the day to find the best waves! Check out our availability below!

Surf equipment hire in Portrush
surf equipment

The Surf Project

Equipment hire


Pick up: 11am – 5pm
Return: 7pm latest


9ft Surf board - £20
8ft Surf board - £20
Wetsuit - £10


The Portrush Townhouse:
6 Bath St. Portrush BT56 8AW

Find us on google maps here.


We pride ourselves on keeping our equipment in excellent condition and is suitable for beginner and intermediate surfers.

The Surf Project is a charity

Thank you for your support – it keeps us doing what we do!

As a charitable non-profit organisation, all monies raised from equipment hire will go directly back into the charity.

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Terms and Conditions of Equipment Hire

  • I understand that I am hiring this equipment at my own risk and The Surf Project/Portrush Townhouse are not liable for any accidents or injuries. 

  • Hire equipment can only be used at lifeguarded beaches whilst lifeguards are on duty, between 11am – 7pm. 

  • I understand that hire equipment must be returned by 7pm. If you are late, you will be charged an additional fee.

  • The black and white chequered flags indicate where you should surf. Avoid surfing in the swim zones, i.e. between the red & yellow flags.  

  • Observe all warnings and advice from the lifeguards (ie. Red flags, beach closures, safety announcements etc.)

  • Be mindful of others in the water and exercise board control at all times.

  • We advise that before you rent equipment you should have previously had a professional surf lesson that outlined safety protocols and etiquette.

  • Surfing is an extreme and potentially dangerous sport. It is important that you surf within your ability level at all times.

    • Beginner – Soft-top surfboard, white water and up to waist high. 
    • Improver – Soft-top surfboard, white water and small green waves of 2-3ft maximum. 
    • Intermediate/Advanced – Hardboard, surf green waves and get out back safely and with board control. 
  • I understand that whilst the hire equipment is in my care, I will exercise due diligence and take every care to ensure damage is not caused. 

  • I understand that I will be held financially liable for any lost, stolen or damaged hire items.