First we serve, then we surf

Diversity unites us. We come from all over the world, each bringing unique gifts and skills to the team.
Together we work hard to ensure that The Surf Project experience is as professional as possible.

Ken McCrea


Where are you from?
N. Ireland, Bangor, Co Down

Ken has extensive experience in both administration and systems development with a great eye for seeing the best way to improve processes. Ken is married to Fiona and they have three awesome kids, Jacob, Jonah and Eden. The sixth member of the family is Murphy, a sprocker spaniel.

It was through Jacob attending a Swell event that Ken first connected with The Surf Project four years ago. Since then, Ken and Jacob have both completed a Surf Project fundraising trek to Everest base camp in Nepal. The whole family has participated in multiple Church Family Days, The boys both continue to attend Swell Camps and Eden attends The Big Splash Kids Surf Club. They've become an extension of The Surf Project Family pretty much from day one.

What makes you happiest?
Traveling and making memories with my family, I also enjoy walking Murphy on the beach, reading, trekking and am particularly happy when firing up my BBQ.

Hidden talent
I play the drums, guitar and have mastered two tunes on the tin whistle, I'm a musical work in progress!

Best thing about working for TSP
I've seen the impact the Surf Project has had on my own kids and how they have been encouraged to grow in their faith. I'm excited to be a part of the Surf Project team as it continues to inspire people to Live Life to the Full.



Hostel Manager

The North Coast (coleraine)

I've got a bit of scattered background, I call it taking life via the scenic route. I studied archaeology as my undergrad & through that I developed a deep interest in cultural studies, specifically Afghanistan. I took a year out to work in a church where I worked closely developing community relations but also developing a local outreach for the global refugee crisis. All these different interests hurtled me into my Masters degree in International Relations & eventually to Afghanistan in 2017 which was life changing. I contunued working in political & cultural research until finding myself detouring into hospitality where I met my gorgeous husband, plot twist! After travelling Europe we're back on the North Coast for new adventures.

What makes you happiest?: hanging out with my people & my dog. Being in nature. Also cake.

Hidden talent: I've actually been a published writer since I was a kid & still freelance. My husband also tells me I have 'beautiful' singing voice but im too scared to sing in public so I guess we'll never know...

Best thing about working for TSP: living life to the full, that's The Surf Project mantra but man oh man do they really practice what they preach, it's refreshing to be surrounded by people who enjoy life & bring so much life to their communities.

Ben Rose

Events Coordinator

Cardiff / Birmingham

I have a diverse background. My experiences are many and varied. I studied product design for my degree at university. I moved back home after my degree where I had several short term jobs. I also returned to my previous volunteering role as a Beaver Scout Leader and then as a leader in Cubs and Explorers. During this time I became more involved with different voluntary roles with my local church as a church steward, helping to make key decisions, helping another church with social media and a local chaplaincy team. One day I was talking with a minister who asked if I would like to participate in voluntary chaplaincy at a local conference centre. The same minister encouraged me to apply to become a Global Mission Fellow. I thank God for the opportunity to serve with The surf project where I can use my gifts in different ways.

What makes you happiest?: Helping others, exploring new places and the great outdoors.

Hidden talent: I love local history, local communities and exploring what happens there.

Best thing about working with TSP: Finding God’s love in the different places and spaces around us is a truly amazing thing! I love to see young people learning new activities, enjoying the local area and combining this with learning about the Christian faith.

Isabelle Mbako

Events Coordinator

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

I was born in Congo but went to Zambia when I was young there I did my primary and part of my high school. My family calls me Isa and some of my friends call me Bella, funny thing I respond to all. I am from a family of 6 children, I am the second child and most often times my siblings called me the second “mom”. I have lived and studied in china for 7 years where I did my bachelor degree in International Economics and Trade and my Masters in Business Administration (MBA). During my time in university I fell in love with mission work after serving with the House of Grace in Thailand. Moved back to Congo for a while I worked with my siblings in a family company there I was the events and finance manager. After that I worked in a mining company Eurasian Group as the AP accountant.

What makes you happiest?: Travelling around meeting and socializing with different people, making memories and learning new things. Also, I enjoy different types of food.

Hidden talent: I Public speaking and acting!

Best thing about working with TSP: The diversity of the team. People from different paths all come together under one vision. The team is just so welcoming and really reflects the statement “living life to the fullest”. I just love the fact through all the activities and work God is put at the centre.

Miranda Klein

Events Coordinator

Nashville, Tennessee

I have my Masters Degree in Social Work and practiced as a trauma therapist back in the States.

What makes you happiest?
Anytime I am outdoors, particularly in the sea, I am my best self.

Hidden talent
I run quite a bit, and am currently training for my second marathon coming up in June in Cork!

Best thing about working for TSP:
The team! I love the community and support that I have found in this team of co-workers!

Want to work with us?

We'd love to hear from you!

There are many opportunities to volunteer, intern, or to work with us in different capacities.

Nothing has ever been so fulfilling! To anyone looking for growth and a wonderful work experience, consider The Surf Project!

Nyasha ManjeyaStaff (2017-2019)

Working with The Surf Project is one of the biggest blessings I ever got from God. Definitely a life changing experience!

Carlos Nacpil IIIStaff (2017-2019)

I've never seen anything like this in Ireland or Europe. I love life's lulls which is when we all get to really share with one another.

Timroy LeunisStaff (2014-2016)

Working for The Surf Project really changed my faith and my views on God, so that now I can help others

Emer Ní RaghallaighParticipant turned Surf coach

It is a pleasure and a joy to work alongside: